Process Control Engineering: Elevator Module Model PCT 034

Sci-tech 3/4-floor Elevator Training Module Model PCT 034 is designed as a sample for electromechanical control and PLC applications. Its transparent structure is preferred to examine the electrical connections and mechanical parts. Square anodized aluminum profile is used in the construction of the set.

Item Description

All inputs and outputs necessary to run the elevator are taken out of the surface of the panel via 4 mm banana sockets. Also the states of the process can be easily followed by the LEDs which are connected to inputs and outputs of the elevator.
There are sliding door, cabin light which is activated by the electro-magnetic door lock, call and emergency stop buttons and 7-segment floor display in the elevator cabin.
Floor level and limit sensors, cabin balance weight mechanism, call buttons in the floors, 7-segment floor display, LEDs showing up/down movement and DC motor form the rest of the set.

Technical Specifications

– Supply voltage 220 VAC/ 50 Hz
– Short-circuit protected, Switch Mode 24 VDC/4.5 A Power Supply
– 4mm sockets for elevator input/outputs
– Elevator inputs and outputs with LEDs
– Emergency stop and start up buttons
– 3/4 floor level sensors (inductive sensor)
– 2/3 limit sensors (inductive sensör)
– 7 segment floor display
– Arrow shaped LED group showing up/down movement
– Transparent Acrylic cabin/structure
– Electromagnetic door lock
– Cabin light
– DC motor
– Dimensión: 555mm x 445 mm x 1180/1440mm
(For the purpose of experimental set up, this trainer must be used along with our ‘Sci-tech Industrial Process Control Trainer Model SCI-PLC)