Gas Turbine Engine Test Set-up Model GFM 85/80N

Sci-tech Gas Turbine Engine Test Set-up Model GFM 85 includes engine that is the compact turbine engine, comprising a single stage radial compressor, combustion chamber and an axial flow turbine.

Item Description

The engine has been mounted into a sturdy metal frame that holds it firmly. A tough, transparent polycarbonate screen is fitted for safety while the engine is running. Engine Thrust, Temperatures & Air flow rate are measured by high accuracy sensors.
The engine is controlled from software, which provides users with a friendly graphical interface for real time monitoring and operation.
The engine can produce maximum Thrust of 80 N & maximum speed 160,000 RPM. The unit is provided with data display and acquisition system with necessary instrumentation. The engine runs on different fuels like Jet A / Jet A1 / Paraffin.

 Electronically controlled Axial Flow Gas Turbine, complete with Instruments.
 All safety instruments included.
 Complete aeronautical axial flow gas turbine engine
 Full instrumentation and sensors
 Full control by means of software and microprocessor controller
 Simple Electrical ignition system

 Data acquisition and educational software included
 Very small scale equipment minimises laboratory space needed
 An floor standing stand to house the unit together with its fuel tank and electronic console

Technical Specifications

 Gas Turbine:
 Axial Flow Gas Turbine
 Max. Thrust 80 N,
 Max. 1,60,000 RPM,
 Idle RPM. 50,000 RPM
 Single stage radial compressor.
 Exhaust Gas Temperature: @ 600 ˚C
 Fuel: Jet A or Jet A1 or low sulphur paraffin
 Oil: 5% Mobil JetOil, Aeroshell 500/550 and Exxon 2380
 Full instrumentation to measure RPM, Thrust and Temperature and Pressure at each stage of the jet engine.
 Data Acquisition Device: 16 channel Data Acquisition Device, 16 Bit, 250 kS/s, USB Based, Make National Instruments
 LabVIEW based Data Acquisition Software for performance analysis.
 A mounting frame for floor standing operation.

Experiment Capabilities
 Study operation of Axial Flow Gas Turbine.
 Determination of fuel consumption.
 Air and fuel ratio.
 Recording the turbine characteristic.
 Determination of the specific thrust.
 Determination of the efficiency of the turbine.

Required Services
 Electric Supply 230 V AC, 50 Hz, Single Phase, Earthed.
 Computer.