Air Flow Bench – Modular Design Model FM 92

Sci-tech Air Flow Bench – Modular Design Model FM92 is designed to demonstrate behavior of bodies during flow around or through bodies with a compressible fluid.

Item Description

The purpose of experiments is familiarization with and optimization of drag and the flow field around a body. The trainer consists of a centrifugal fan, which can be used to generate flow velocities up to 40m/s. The fan speed can be changed using Variable Frequency Drive (VFD). A stabilization tank with flow straightener ensures a consistent, low-turbulence and reproducible flow in the measurement section. A carefully shaped nozzle provides a largely homogeneous velocity distribution of the air flow.
The accessories are attached using quick release fasteners and can be interchanged quickly and easily. Measuring points along the measurement section allow pressure and velocity measurements to be taken. The tube manometers are required to be able to show the pressures clearly.
Detailed Operation & Maintenance Manual is provided along with the trainer.

Technical Specifications

• Centrifugal fan: Power consumption: 0.37kW, Max. flow rate: 15 mÑ/min
• Nozzle exit cross-section: 50x100mm
• Max. flow velocity at the nozzle exit: 40m/s
• Vertical measurement section with flow straightener and nozzle
• Radial fan infinitely variable via frequency converter
• Thermometer for measuring air temperature

• Bernoulli’s Equation
• Drag Force
• Round Turbulent Jet
• Boundary Layer
• Flow Around a Bend
• Jet Attachment
• Flow Visualization
• Tapped Aerofoil
• Multi-Tube Manometer

Services Required
– Mains power supply: 220-240V, 1Ph, 50Hz