Advanced Fiber Optic Trainer Model TCM 008-02

Sci-tech TCM 008-02 is a single board Fiber Optic Trainer Kit to study the characteristics of Fiber using Digital and Analog techniques. This kit also facilitates with digital and analog Modulation & Demodulation communication techniques.

Item Description

– 660nm and 850/950nm Transmitter
– Two nos. of Photo Detector
– On-board Sine & Square wave generator
– On-board Manchester Coding / Decoding Technique
– On-board Noise Generator & PRBS Generator
– On-board Bit error Rate Measurement
– On-board PC to PC Communication
– On-board 4th Order Low Pass Filer
– On-board Fault Switch
– In-built Power Supply

Technical Specifications

Transmitter: One Fiber Optics LED having peak wavelength of emission 660 nm. One Fiber Optics LED having peak wavelength of emission 850/950 nm.
Receiver: Two Fiber Optic photo detector.
Modulation Techniques: Digital communication with Pulse Code Modulation (PCM) using Motorola MC 145502
– Manchester Coding/ Decoding Technique.
– White Noise Source output type Noise Generator
– Amplitude of 0 to 5Vpp.
– 16 Bit switch selectable PRBS generator
– Clock of 32, 64, 128 KHz.
– Bit error rate measurement of 8 bit counter with LED indication upto 255 count.
– Time Division Multiplexing, 16 Channels (64 Kbits/Sec).
– Two Frame Marker of 8 bit user selectable markers in alternate frames.
– Data Rate of 1.024 MBits/Sec.
– 2 channels Voice PCM with Telephone Hand sets (A Law).
– Analog Input of 1Vp-p.
– A n a l o g B a n d-wi d t h o f 3.75KHz.
– FWHM Spectral Width of 100 nm.
Drivers : Analog & Digital
AC Amplifiers : 1 Nos.
PLL Detector : 1 No.
Filters : 1 No 4th order Butterworth 3.4 KHz cut-off freq.
Analog Band Width : 350 KHz.
Digital Band Width : 2.5 KHz.
Functional Generator : 1Hz. To 100 KHz sine wave (amplitude adjustable) 1Hz. To 100 KHz square wave (TTL)
CODEC Link : Two Telephone Hand set provided
Serial PC to PC link : 9 Pin D-type RS232C TX and Rx link (Max. 115.2 Kbps Baud)
Switched Faults : 8 Switch Faults are provided to study different effects on circuit.
Fiber Optics Cable : Connector type Standard SMA ( s u b mi n i a t u r e assembly). Duly polished fiber at both end for Numerical Aperture Measurement.
Cable Type : Step indexed multimode PMMA plastic cable.
Core Refractive Index : 1.492.
Clad Refractive Index : 1.406.