Electrician Technology Trainer Model ELTR 016

Sci-tech Electrician Technology Trainer Model ELTR 016 is designed to provide student with a good foundation in electrical technology and safety factors study in electrical installations and services.
The training system consists of training platform, powqer control panel, instrument unit, circuit load components unit, electrician’s law practice, three phase load unit, transformer training unit, fluorescent lamp training unit, stainless steel net board, three phase asynchronous motor and the experiment uses the three phase motor components, etc.

Item Description

The trainer allows the students to study the law of electrician verification tests, three phase ac circuit measurement practice, typical of the three phase asynchronous motor control training, relays and contact device control circuit application practice, electronic components application training, typical practical electronic control circuit and the working process demonstration.
The trainer also enables study of experimental jump lines, electrical tools, test pencils, megohmmeter, etc.

Technical Specifications

Product structure: Modular desktop test bench with hanging box replacement convenience and test
panel of dimensions 1600mm(W)x700mm(D)x1500mm(H).
Mains power requirement: 380V AC; 3Phase, 50Hz; @ 1500VA rated.