Electrical wiring & Motor Control Technology Trainer Model ELTR 015

Sci-tech Electrical Wiring & Motor Control Technology Trainer Model ELTR 015 is designed to provide student with full training on Electrical Wiring and motors control circuits, their control circuit technologies.
The Trainer is mainly to offer exhaustive training in wiring, assembling circuits using electrical devices, relays, contactors, thermal protection devices, time relays, limit switches, three phase
motors, jump line, etc.

Item Description

The trainers enables theory and practical experiments to be carried out for study course of maintenance electricians in motor control circuits, machine tool circuits and electrical instruments


Technical Specifications

Product structure:
– Steel slotted structure suitable to mount various devices and assembly/wiring of devices.
– The stand-alone trainer can be mounted on a standard work table for convenience.
– Overall dimensions: 450mm (W) x 250mm (D) x 400mm (H).

Technical Requirements:
– Input power: 3 Phase, 4 wire 380V±10%, 50Hz
– Power Consumption: 5000 VA
– Temperature Range: -10°C ~ +40°C
– Humidity: <85% @ 25°C
– Altitude: < 4000m