Deep Bed Filter Column Model FM 65

Sci-tech Deep Bed Filter Column Model FM 65 is designed to study the characteristics of a filter column.

Item Description

It consists of an acrylic unit with flanged end pieces to allow easy access. It consists of a column filled with Ballotini packing to ensure the good water distribution.Slotted pressure tapings are mounted on the column for measuring the pressure drop across the bed pe r unit length and staggered over an approximate 0.8 m depth. These tapings are connected to a differential manometer. These tapings can also be used for drawing the samples from the column and change in concentration of the suspension can be determined. The unit is complete with 2 Nos. of feed tanks. A centrifugal pump is provided to circulate the water through the column under 1 Atmospheric pressure. Water supplied to the column is regulated and controlled by Rotameter. The 10 kg bag of filter medium will be supplied with the set-up. Detailed Operation & Maintenance Manual is provided along with the trainer.

 Designed to demonstrate filtration process.
 Non corrosive acrylic filter column used in the trainer.

Technical Specifications

 The unit comprises the following main items:
 Absorption Column
 Filter column: Clear acrylic, 100mm internal diameter x 1350mm long
 Typical media depth: 700mm
 Gauze mesh size: 0.35mm
 Sump tanks: 2 – capacity 250 to 350 litres each
 Flow meter range: 0.5 – 5.0 litres/min
 Manometers: 21 tube to 41 tube multi-bank
 Pump rating: 0.37Kw

Essential Equipment
 Filter Media: Approx 10kg of a test medium is required to pack the column.
 Suitable alternatives include well rounded quartz-grain sand BS16-30 mesh (1.0-0.5mm), anthracite, crushed flint or aluminium oxide.

Recommended Accessories
 40 sample collectors (test tubes or bottles)
 Turbidimeter or Spectrophotometer
 Flexible tubing for drain connection etc. 1 metre rule
 Air foot-pump and pressure tubing (2.5m)

 Measuring how fast total head loss increases with filtration run
 Measuring pressure drop profiles through the filter bed
 Measuring suspension concentration profiles through the filter bed
 Demonstration of reversed flow fluidization and backwashing
 The column may be readily adapted for absorption and ion Exchange studies.

Services Required
– Mains power supply: 220-240V, 1Ph, 50Hz
– Water: Tap water supply & Drain.