Liquid – Liquid Extraction Unit Model TH-044

– Designed to demonstrate principle of Liquid – Liquid Extraction.
– Includes Pulsing Unit with capability to vary amplitude & frequency of Pulsation.
– Comprehensive Instrumentation Panel with all necessary measuring instruments & Safety Devices.

Item Description

Scitech Pilot Plant for Liquid-Liquid Extraction Unit Model TH-044 has been designed to demonstrate liquid-liquid extraction process, allowing an easy but exhaustive experimentation with appropriate instruments. The unit consists of a glass extraction column, distillation column, Liebig condenser, Stainless steel tanks for feed, solvent, raffinate, extract and top product. Two pumps are used for feed & solvent supply.

Detailed Operation & Maintenance Manual is provided along with the trainer.

Technical Specifications

– Wheeled stainless steel structure
– Glass extraction column with diameter of 40-50 mm, h=600-1500 including disc agitator with
speed electronic indicator
– Borosilicate glass top and bottom separators
– 2 metering pumps: feed pump with max flow rate of 1000 mL/min and solvent pump with max
flow rate of 1200 mL/min
– Plastic feeding tank for the light phase, capacity of 30 L approx
– Plastic feeding tank for the heavy phase, capacity of 15-30 L approx
– Plastic tank for the extracted product, capacity of 30 L approx
– Plastic feeding tank for the refined product, capacity of 30 L approx
– Switchboard IP55 with plant synoptic and ELCB and emergency pushbutton.
– Complete and exhaustive manual, English language