Thermal Conductivity: Through Composite Walls Model TH 023

– Compact, comprehensive, sturdy design
– Fully instrumentation for experimentation of Heat transfer.
– Direct reading of temperature, voltmeter, and ammeter measurement.
– Demonstration of heat transfer through composite wall apparatus.
– Fault Trainer as optional attachments

Item Description

Sci-tech Thermal Conductivity through Metal Walls Apparatus Model TH 023 consist of three slabs of different materials & different thickness. The three slabs are fixed together using nuts & bolts. Electrical heaters give heat energy to this slab unit. Temperature indicator & sensors are used for accurate temperature measurement. For better result the experiment console is placed inside a wooden box having glass at one side. Study of temperature distribution across the width of the composite wall & over all thermal conductances can be easily demonstrated & calculated with this trainer.

Technical Specifications

– Slab: Size: 150 mm dia. 6 mm thickness
– Material: MS, Brass & Asbestos / wood.
– Electric Heaters.
– Digital Temperature Indicator with Thermocouples (0-400°C) Or RTD (PT-100) – 8 channel.
– Heater controller – Variable Transformer of 2 Amps rating.
– Digital voltmeter, Ammeter.
– Base frame – Made up of ms & duly painted.
– Control Panel – for mounting of all indicators.
– Electrical switches & wiring