D. C. Motor Control Trainer Model PCT 013

DC motor speed is controlled using Thyristor Controllers. Scitech DC Motor Speed Control Trainer Model PCT 013 is designed to demonstrate DC motor speed control using Thyristor Controller. This system constitutes a D. C. Motor, Thyristor Controller, Mechanical loading arrangement mounted on sturdy base. The trainer can be used in Open loop control mode as well as automatic PID Control mode. Digital indicators are provided to display various measured parameters.

Item Description

 Mobile, compact, comprehensive, sturdy design
 Complete instrumentation for experimentation of Speed control of DC Motor using Thyristorized Controller.
 Arrangements for studying performance under variable load conditions.
 Fault Trainer as optional attachments.
 Complete with safety instruments for safety of Students

Technical Specifications

The Trainer consists of:
 Base Stand
 D. C. Motor: 1/3rd hp, 3300 RPM, 220 V DC
 Thyristor Controller for DC Motor: Input 230 V AC, Output 0 – 220 V DC
 Mechanical Loading Arrangement
 RPM Sensor & Indicator
 Digital Voltmeter: Range 0-1000 V DC
 Digital Ammeter: Range 0 – 10 A DC
 Control panel

 Electric Supply 230V 50Hz. With proper earthing.