DC Motor Speed Control Trainer Model PCT 012

 Speed control of a 12V, 4W permanent magnet d.c. Motor
 Speed range: 0 to 3000 rpm (typical)
 Opto-interrupter based speed sensing.
 4-digit speed display in rpm.
 Electronic tacho-generator for feedback.
 Separate unit for motor in a see-through cabinet.

Item Description

– Effect of loading on the speed of motor in the open loop.

– Steady state error variable with forward gain

– System time constant variable with forward gain.

– Effect of forward gain on disturbance rejection.

– Determination of the motor transfer function and tachometer characteristics.

Technical Specifications

 Essential accessory a CRO.
 Smooth, non-contact eddy current brake for loading.
 Built-in 3 ½ digit DVM for signal measurements.
 Built-in regulated internal power supply.
 Supporting literature and patch cords included.