Color TV Trainer MODEL ETR 012


Sci-tech LED Colour TV Trainer Model ETR 012 is an ideal training equipment to teach the operation of LED colour TV receivers. The complete Block of LED TV Receiver is printed on single PCB for easy understanding of function of different blocks. Test points allow the analysis and monitoring of the signals in different sections. By using the fault simulation method, it is possible to introduce the most common breakdown and their rectification.

Colour TV kit provided with the trainer is the latest one which based on modern Technologies with remote control and not on any outdated ICs.

Item Description

1) Main Colour TV kit Mounted in all open fashion into a drawer with LED. Firmly supported on compact ms / Aluminium flat Rack. For easy viewing a transparent acrylic lid provided.
2) The complete trainer mounted on a powder coated and table top model.
3) The Complete functional Block diagram of TV is distributed on single PCB on the stand as shown in diagram.
4) Trainer consists of mimic of functional blocks giving a good idea about different important section of TV receiver and a fault panel having non-destructive faults.
5) Experiment panel provide direct accessible test points to observe different audio, video signals and output of different sections in non-destructive manner.
6) Non destructive Faults have been implemented through pulses switches mounted on PCB to prevent corruption of picture quality.
7) Facility to connect VCD, DVD and Video games

8) Fault panel provides opportunity for student to tackle some commonly arising faults given on fault panel by just shorting through 2mm patch cords or pulser switch.
9) All faults may be inserted in the TV ckt. in a non-destructive manner. Removing the patch cord restores fully working TV operation

Technical Specifications

* Display : 32”Diagonal Size ,Flat panel LED display
– Screen Resolution : 1366 x 768
– Aspect ratio : 16:9
– Screen Type : LED with Backlighting
– Response Time : 8 ms
* Image
– Brightness : 280 /m2
– Contrast Ratio : 5000:1
– Max H-View Angle : 176 degree
– Max V-View Angle : 176 degree
* Interface
– Analog Video Input : RGB VGA (HD-15)
– Analog Video Input : S-Video
– Composite Video Input : RCA Yellow,
– Audio Input : RCA- Left (White), Right (Red)

– Antenna RF Input : RF – SDTV/ PAL
* Tuner Channels : 2 to 69
* Screen display : Volume, Brightness, Contrast, Color, Channel, Tuning
* Remote Control functions : On screen display of Volume, Brightness, Contrast, Channel
* Audio Amplifier : 3 W PMPO
* HDMI Input : 2 Nos.
* Composite Video Input : 2 Nos.
* VGA Video Output : 1 No.
* USB Media Playback : 2 Nos.
* Headphone socket : 1 No.
* On-Board Blocks
* USB Block : 2 no’s of USB slots are provided
* Audio Video Block : 2 Nos. of Audio Video connectors is provided
* Antenna Input Block : One slot for Antenna RF input is provided
* PC Audio In Block : One no. of PC Audio connector is provided
* Display Block : One VGA Connector is provided
* Video Out Block : One Video connector is provided
* Speaker Block : Right / Left Speaker block is provided
* IR / Keypad Block : IR & Keypad area is provided
* 41 Test points are provided to analyze signals at various points.
* 12 no’s of Fault Switches are Provided
* All ICS are mounted on IC Sockets.
* Bare board Tested Glass Epoxy SMOBC PCB with Block Diagram.
* Attractive Metal Enclosure
* User Manual for Experiments