Air-Compressor Test Apparatus Model TH 106

Sci-tech Air-Compressor Test Apparatus Model TH-106 consists of a reciprocating air compressor driven by an electric motor.

Item Description

The compressor is two stage compressor with intercooler. Intake air flow rate is measured by using an air box with orifice plate & differential manometer. Pressure gauges are provided to measure pressure after 1st stage, 2nd stage & tank pressure. Temperature sensors are used to measure the air temperature at Inlet, after 1st Stage, Intercooler & 2nd stage. Compressor Speed & Power Consumption are displayed on panel meters mounted at the front. In order to study compressor performance at different speeds Variable Speed Motor with VFD can also be supplied optionally.

Technical Specifications

– Compressor: Two stage reciprocating air compressor with receiver tank of capacity 160 litres, Max. Pressure 12 bar, Electric Motor 3HP, 3 phase, 400 – 440V, 50Hz, AC.
– Safety Instruments: Pressure relief Valve & Pressure switch

– Air Flow measurement: Air box with Damper & Orifice plate
– U Tube Manometer.
– RPM Sensor
– RPM Indicator, Digital type
– Pressure Gauge: Glycerin filled pressure gauges, two nos.
– Energy-meter: Electronic energy meter for Compressor power
– Temperature Sensor: ‘K’ type Thermocouples, 4 nos.
– Temperature Indicator: Multi-Channel Indicator, Range 0-199.9 ºC, Resolution 0.1ºC
– Base Frame: Aluminum section & mild steel powder coated sheets.