Climate Control Evaporator Coils Model RAC 021

The evaporator coil is usually found mounted in the junction of the main duct on top of the furnace which is located inside the building. The function, maintenance, repair and upkeep are of the most vital importance to the overall output and workings of the air conditioner.

Item Description

– Smaller cabinet size
– Hanger bar
– Electric Supply

Technical Specifications

Heaters: 3.9 Amps
4Fin/Inch (standard motor)
Capacity: 2 ton
Fans: 1.0 Amps
– Total cooling capacity: 1 tonn,2 tonn,3 tonn,4 tonn
– Input power: 1.3 KW
– Operating Current: 5A
– Refrigerant Type : R-22/R134A

Services Required at site:
– Single phase supply with proper earthing