Vapor Compression Refrigeration Air-Conditioning Trainer Model RAC 022

Sci-tech Vapour Compression Refrigeration Air-Conditioning Trainer Model RAC 022 is an invaluable aid in the effective understanding of the air-conditioning process. The equipment is a
comprehensive plant, which incorporates an axial flow fan, damper and test duct sections, flow meter, electronic control panel and loading arrangement. Temperature sensors at various points facilitate psychometric studies.

Item Description

– Compact, sturdy and safe design
– Controls temperature, humidity and air movement
– Total instrumentation for complete heat balance

Technical Specifications

– Compressor
– Condenser
– Expansion Device
– Control chamber and ducting : Houses sensors, thermostats and axial fan
– Measuring vessel to measure water condensed at dew point conditions
– Cooling coil evaporator
– Electrical Heater to load the system
– Humidifier: Steam generation by using electrical heater
– Rotameter: To measure refrigerant flow
– Energy-meter
– Temperature Indicator with sensors
– Pressure gauges

Services required
– Electric supply
– Water supply and drainage arrangement