Automotive Lighting & signaling system Trainer Model AM 042

– Design and development of lighting and signaling devices.
– Study on the Driver’s Visibility with respect to Incident Light and other parameters.
– Studies on Parametric Design on Head Lamps.

Item Description

Sci-tech Automotive Lighting & signaling system Trainer Model AM 042 demonstrators are trainers the latest
Automobile technology behind a modern cars. This technology is based on many electrical components such as:
Sensors, Actuators, and Electronic circuits. Control units control those components.

The trainer comprises of actual automotive components and electrical circuits. They demonstrate (according to the demonstrator type) the function of components and circuits in various conditions of the vehicle, by enabling the trainee to simulate those conditions by means of the demonstrator controls.

Automotive Lighting – Head Lamp, Tail Lamp, Blinker Lamp, Halogen Lamp, Work Lamp, Off-Road Lamp, Side
Marker Lamp, License Lamp, Rear Stop Lamp, Front/Fog Auxiliary Lamp, Reversing Lamp, Number Plate Lamp, Roof Lamp, Beacon Lamp, Warning Triangle, Bulb, Other Decorative Lights

Technical Specifications

– Head and rear lights
– Parking lights
– Directional lights
– Back-up lights
– License light
– Interior lights
– Relay control circuits
– Containing relays
– Indicators (temperature, fuel, oil, etc)
– Horn
– Wipers
– Wiper wash pump
– Blower and speed selector
– Engine condition sensors
– Indicators and switches
– Troubleshooting.
– Operates on 12V Battery (provided optionally)
1. Electric supply 220 – 240V AC, 50 Hz