Eddy Current Dynamometers Model ELTR 006 Series

– Compact, comprehensive, sturdy design
– Complete instrumentation for experimentation of I.C. Engine performance.
– Direct reading of parameters like fuel consumption, air flow, temperature and RPM etc.
– Demonstration of performance of I.C. Engine at different load.
– Fault Trainer as optional attachments

Item Description

Sci-tech E Series Eddy current Dynamometers provides a range of Eddy – Current machines designed for testing engines from 3 to 310 BHP.
Eddy current dynamometers are well known for their stability and suitability to operate in a closed loop mode. These provide Precise Control even at low loads and rapid changes in demands and provide Bidirectional operation.
The rugged design of the power absorbing unit ensures a long operating life, even in the most demanding production and endurance testing environments. The rotor which is in form of a Spoke Disc results in low inertia. The balanced high rigidity shaft assembly on precision bearings ensures smooth operation. This long life is further enhanced by the nickel plating of critical components in contact with the water.
E Series Dynamometers feature a rugged design & heavy duty Single coil / High quality aluminum bobbin. This ensures high reliability.
Speed is measured by a pulse sensor mounted adjacent to a 60 tooth wheel on the coupling while torque is measured by a high accuracy strain gauge load cell mounted between the trunnion
bearings, supported casings and bedplate. Control is achieved by varying the excitation current to the coils when used in conjunction with feed back signals for torque from the load cell and speed sensor closed loop can be provided.
Control Monitoring instrumentation for controlling the tests & monitoring the test data. Numerous options are available such as drive shafts, guards, calibration systems, engine mounting frames, circulation pumps and cooling towers.

Technical Specifications

– Engine: Multicylinder Petrol or Diesel Engine
(Choose any one from List motioned below)
– Three Cylinder Four Stroke MPFI Petrol Engine: 796 cc, Max. Power 29 kW @5500 RPM
– Four Cylinder Four Stroke MPFI Petrol Engine: 1405 cc, Max. Power 55 kW @ 5500 RPM
– Four Cylinder Four Stroke Diesel Engine: 1995cc, Max. Power: 37 kW @ 4000 RPM
– Four Cylinder Four Stroke Diesel Engine: 1405 cc, Max. Power 39kW @ 5000 RPM
– Dynamometer suitable for above mentioned Engine.
(Choose any one from List motioned below)
– Hydraulic Dynamometer (Capacity: 37 kW @ 3000 RPM)
– Eddy current Dynamometer (Capacity: 10 KW, 20KW, 30 KW, 80KW, 150KW)
– Calorimeter- Shell & Tube type heat exchanger will be used. Water-cooled.
– Air Box – MS powder coated / PVC air box with orifice meter will be used.
– Fuel Tank: capacity 5 liters.
– Base frame – Made up of ms C channel duly powder coated.
– Control Panel – for mounting of all indicators.
– Digital Temp. Indicator with temperature sensor – 6 channel 0-400°C (Optional)
– Rotameter: 600 LPH for calorimeter water flow measurement.
– Electrical switches, wiring & Piping