Work Benches: Electronic & Electrical Model ETR 019E & ETR 019EL

Table is made from 3 assemblies & sub-assemblies
a) Bottom stand Pi type structure with table top, drawers etc.

b) Hind rectangular box, also called as switch box, to hold 1 & 3 power sources etc.

c) Optional top side rectangular box mounted on top of Hind or switch box to house various instruments like CRO, FG, & power suppliers etc.

Item Description


Upper Drawer: 400 mm (L) X 480 mm (W) X 190 mm (H)
Tall Drawer : 400 mm (L) X 480 mm (W) X 600 mm (H)
Open Drawer : 700 mm (L) X 300 mm (W) X 045 mm (H)
Writing Pad ; 335 mm (L) X 300 mm (W) X 018 mm (H)
Pull out Put Writing pad provided above upper drawer on right side of table

Technical Specifications

Frame: 16 slide MS square tube (Heavy duty) Colour: Brown / Off white powder coating, optionally sturdy aluminum profile/frame.

Table Top Material /colour : The nova pan or Rubber wood with white/Silver gray with smooth finish veneer finish table top (18mm thick optionally 40mm)

Drawer: Drawers to have two position options: Horizontal (optional) or vertical (Default). Horizontal drawers have restriction of height else they will obstruct knees of tall person while sitting in front of table. Vertical drawer has limitation of no. of students which can be accommodated in front of table i.e. only one but advantage here is bottom drawer can be heighted. Out of 3 drawers, one is open type & would double up as PC keyboard carrier with mouse pad on its side. Other two drawers are closed type, lockable. Of these two, bottom drawer has double height to
accommodate tall (pneumatic/hydraulic) components.

Bottom Legs: Four rubber bottom legs are provided support the table optionally castor wheel with locking mechanism is provided so that table can be easily moved

Dimensions: Overall : 1200mm (L) X 610mm (W) X 760mm (H) Nt. Wt. 40 Kg. Gr. Wt. 50 Kg

Electrical Fitting: Hind (Switch) box with screw-able hind side panel to facilitate wiring & controlling 6 separate sets of 5 Amp switch & 5 pin 3 phase stock proof protective socket with 4 Pole MCB with Neon indicator are provided on the facing panel of switch box.