Electronics Circuit Lab Model ETR 020

Sci-tech Electronics Circuit Lab Model ETR 020 is a comprehensive and self-contained system suitable for anyone engaged in electronic circuit experiments. All necessary instruments for electronic circuit experiments such as power supply, function generator, analog and digital meters, are installed on the main unit. The 19 modules cover a wide range of essential topics in the field of electronic circuits. It is a time and cost saving Lab Equipment, model ETR 020, useful for researchers and students for applications in training, developing and prototype circuit testing.

Item Description

– Ideal for electronic circuit experiments and design exercises.
– Integrated trainer with experiment modules & complete experiments data.
– Complete with Power Supply and test systems for easy and efficient experimentation.
– Expandability and flexibility of experiments greatly increases with universal bread board (1680 tie points) for circuit designing and prototyping.
– All modules supplied are equipped with an 8 bit switch for fault simulation.

Technical Specifications

1. DC Power Supply:
a) Fixed Output DC Power Supply
Voltage range: +/-5V, +/-12V
Maximum Current: 30mA
Protection: Overload
b) Dual DC Power Supply
Voltage range: 0 – +/- 15V continuously variable
Maximum current: 1 A
Protection: Overload
c) AC Power Supply
Voltage range: 9V – 0 – 9V
Maximum current: 500mA
2. Function Generator: Output waveforms: Sine, Square, Triangle Output Frequency: 10Hz –
100KHz, in 4 steps Continuously adjustable.
Accuracy: +/- 5% of full scale value Output impedance: 50 Ohms Output voltage: >18V p-p(open
loop); >9Vp-p (into 50 ohms load).
3. 3 ½ Digit Digital Voltmeter/Ammeter:
DC Voltage range: 2V, 200V with accuracy of +/-0.3% of reading plus 1 digit fsd. DC Current
range: 200uA, 2A with accuracy of +/-0.5% of reading plus 1 digit fsd.
4. Analog Meters: a) AC Current Meter: 0 – 100mA – 1A
b) AC Voltage Meter: 0 – 20V
c) DC Current Meter: 0 – 100mA – 1A
d) DC Voltage Meter: 0 – 20V
5. Speaker: One, 8 ohms, 0.5W, speaker with driver circuit.
6. Variable Resistors: a) 1K ohms/0.25W with three terminals
b) 10K ohms/0.25W with three terminals
c) 100K ohms/0.25W with three terminals

d) 1M ohms/0.25W with three terminals
7. Breadboard Module: 1680 tie point breadboard on top panel that can easily be put on the panel or taken off.
8. Accessories: Connection leads: 2mm – 0.65mm, 300mm length x 6 nos
Users Manual
Mains Power Cord
Anti-dust cover
Extra fuses.