Thermal Conductivity of Metal Bar Apparatus Model TH 007

Sci-tech Thermal Conductivity of Metal Bar Apparatus Model TH 007 explains practically that thermal conductivity is a physical property of material denoting the ease with a particular substance can accomplish the transmission of thermal energy by molecular motion.

Item Description

The experimental setup consists of a copper bar. The copper bar is heated at one end and a heat sink is provided at the other end of the bar. The test bar is properly insulated to minimize heat loss. Thermocouples are provided
along the length of bar to measure temperatures at respective positions. An ammeter and Voltmeter are provided to measure heater input. A variable transformer is provided to vary the heat input.

Technical Specifications

Test Bar – 25 mm. dia. of adequate length, material mild steel. Thermocouples are mounted along the
length of bar. Band heater is provided at one end and heat sink at other end. Test portion is well insulated
to prevent heat loss.

Instrumentation & Control
– Digital Voltmeter – 0 – 199.9 Volts.
– Digital Ammeter – 0 – 1.999 Amp.
– Multi- channel Digital Temperature Indicator.
– Heater Control
– Measuring flask and stop clock.

Service Required
– 220V/230V/240V.A.C. stabilized supply with proper earth termination.
– Floor space – 1 m X 1.5m at working height.
– Water supply at the rate of 2 LPM at constant head