Suspension Production Unit Model FM 119

Sci-tech Suspension Production Unit Model FM 119 provides the experimental filtration units with a suspension of diatomite and water (recommended).

Item Description

It is prepared in the stirred tank. The stirrer ensures that the solid remains suspended and does not settle. An eccentric screw pump delivers the suspension to the connected experimental unit. The pump rotor is made of stainless steel. It runs inside an elastomer housing. A manometer indicates the head. A pressure cut-out switch stops the pump if the pressure is too high. A temperature transducer protects the pump from running dry. The speed of the pump can be adjusted on a potentiometer. The stirred tank features a level indicator and three flow impeders. All necessary connecting elements are supplied to connect the supply unit to the relevant experimental filtration unit.

 Supply unit for experimental filtration units

Technical Specifications

1. Supply unit to produce and deliver suspensions for experimental filtration units
2. Stirred tank with lid and stirring machine to prepare a suspension
3. Eccentric screw pump, with pressure cut-out switch, dry-running protection and adjustable speed, to deliver the suspension

Technical Specifications
Tank: 200L, stainless steel Stirring machine
 power consumption: 180W
 speed: 1000min-1 (constant)
 max. head: 50m
 max. flow rate: approx. 230L/h
Measuring ranges
 manometer: 0…10bar

 Mains Power 220 – 240V @ 50Hz, 1Ph