Telephone/Video Interphone System Trainer Model ETR 042

Sci-tech Telephone/Video Interphone System Trainer Model ETR 042 has been designed so that students can assemble, analyze and test a wide range of more and more complex electric circuits; it consists of interchangeable modules; thus merely connecting these modules with each other via leads supplied with the equipment enables to assemble various circuits.

Item Description

Modules are made of flexible test insulating material and they represent the support of the necessary devices for implementing the experimental program, besides offering the graphic representation and standardized electric symbol of the component; electrical connections are made easier by standardized educational terminals (Ø 4 mm) with high protection degree against accidental contacts. This set of modules for interphone systems has been designed specifically to assemble, analyze and test video interphone signaling installations applied to civil service sector. This equipment also includes a set of devices for intercommunication telephony. Modules can be inserted in bench mod. 398/EV to implement the training program. Module holder frame mod. is used and the equipment can be powered by power supply unit module

Technical Specifications

The set of modules that can easily be slided in to the aluminum frame for implementing telephone and video interphone system:
– 1 outdoor video interphone unit, with camera (CCD), button panel for two calls and porter
– 1 indoor wall-type video interphone unit, with monitor and micro-telephone
– 1 power supply unit for analog entry phone systems
– 1 electronic switch of voice exclusion in outdoor unit
– 1 floor shunt for 4 indoor units
– 1 electronic branch exchange for shunting an external line with several internal telephone sets; 1 telephone set of impulse dialing
– 1 telephone set of impulse dialing
– 1 additional ringer for call repetition
All modules come with safety 4mm terminal sockets.
Accessories: Set of 40 flexible safety 4mm banana plugs.