Sci-tech ISDN (Integrated Service Digital Network) Trainer Model TCM 011 is a new, completely digital, communication network technology which enables integrated transmission of voice, images, text and data. ISDN Training System is a complete study and experimentation program in ISDN. The purpose of this ISDN training system is the acquisition of theoretical as well as application knowledge on the techniques, methods and devices commonly used in professional ISDN applications (Central Exchange, Terminal Equipment & protocol analyzer). The entire set up can be established without a physical ISDN line.

Item Description

ISDN Training System consists of:

1. Basic Rate ISDN exchange with Protocol Analyzer.

2. ISDN Telephone sets.

3. ISDN Terminal Adaptors.

4. Analog Telephone sets.

B-Link3 simulates the operation of a central office switch which provides three Basic Rate ISDN connection (S 4-wire ), which may be used like a regular ISDN line. B-Link3 is extremely easy to use with indicator LEDs showing at a glance what each terminal is doing and a windows application program displaying protocol analyzer information and allowing extensive device configuration. Almost every feature of B-Link3 can be customized, for e.g. the entire directory numbering structure can be changed. Special numbers activate network conditions such as User Busy or Call Rejected The protocol analyzer for the B-Link3 can be used to decode all messages being transmitted or received by the B-Link3 through BRI. It can Analyze Layer 2 (Data Link Layer) and Layer 3 (Call Control Layer) ISDN Telephones and Terminal Adaptors are provided along with the system, which can be used as the equipment on the subscribers end. Using the Terminal Equipment students can understand the use and features of ISDN in the laboratory.

Technical Specifications

No physical ISDN Line required.
3 BRI Ports with S Interface.
Simulates all the functionality of regular ISDN lines.
Built in Protocol Analyzer facility.
Helpful LEDs to show the status of each interface at a glance.
Emulates Euro-ISDN type of network variants.
Simple configuration using windows application.