Pressure Control Trainer Model PCT 53

Sci-tech Pressure Control Trainer Model PCT 53 has been designed to demonstrate and provide students hands-on experience on how a pressure loops can be controlled using a microprocessor based controller. The equipment consists of industrial grade instrumentation to exhibit a realistic working environment of standard industrial pressure control loop.

Item Description

The Pressure Control Trainer has been designed for student experiments on the measurement and control of air pressure in a vessel. It is constructed on an epoxy coated steel frame with lockable castor wheel.
The air is contained in an air receiver tank before entering the air pressure control tank. A pressure transmitter is installed to measure the air pressure and is linked to the microprocessor-based controller. The output of the controller is linked to the pneumatic control valve to manipulate the air flow rate and hence the pressure in the control tank.

The unit is supplied with interface for PC as well as plotter.. All instrumentation supplied is of industry standard and all electrical wires are numbered for identification. All electrical wiring is
laid in flexible PVC conduit and all instrument wirings are screened. The Control panel is safety protected against water splashes.

Technical Specifications

1. Process tank: 8L with pressure up to 10Bar.
2. Pressure regulator: Operating pressure: min 5Bar.
3. Pressure sensor/transmitter: 0 to 6Bar.
4. Manometer: 0-10Bar
5. Control panel
6. Control valve
7. I/P Converter: Analogue signals that can be recorded with external device which may be connected to the system
8. Pipes and fittings
9. PID Controller: Able to perform P, Pl and PID control.

– Electric supply
– Compressed Air Specifications