Stepper Motor Demonstrator: 3.5 Kg cm Torque Motor (with uP interface) Model PCT 051

Sci-tech Stepper Motor Demonstrator Model PCT 051 is a versatile self – contained stand alone unit useful in the study and demonstration of the principle and working of a stepper motor with various electronic controls such as electronic switching and Microprocessor based controls. Provision for direct Microprocessor interface is provided. (Microprocessor Trainer Kit is not provided – i.e., it is optional) It consists of the stepper motor and the translator. The Trainer is housed in an elegant cabinet with a well spread intelligently designed multi-colored layout on the front panel.

Item Description

Multi-colored test points are provided at various stages to observe the waveforms and voltages. It is strongly supported by a comprehensive instruction manual complete with theory, operating details and machine code program.

Technical Specifications

Motor : Bi – directional with permanent magnet rotor & bifilar
wound stator
Motor Characteristics : Self starting, low moment of inertia, instantaneous
start, stop and reversal of rotation
Rotation : 200 Steps / revolution
Torque : 3.5 kg cm2
Stepping Angle : 1.8 deg
Protection : Against forcible stalling
Mounting : Motor mounted in the cabinet with a calibrated
dial and pointer
Translator : Versatile solid state electronic switching circuit for
conversion of input pulses
Output : 1. Required pulse pattern for driving the stepper motor
using digital circuitry, analog demultiplexer & power
2. Provision to connect Microprocessor to Driver stage
Type of Control : 1. Number of steps
2. Speed of revolution
3. Direction of rotation
DC Source : Translator : + 5V DC Regulated
Motor : + 12V DC Unregulated
Pulser : Bounceless manual pulser
Clock Generator : Variable clock frequency generator with high / low
and fine control
Controls : 1. Mains ON / OFF
2. Manual Pulser
3. Forward / Reverse rotation switch
4. High / Low variable clock for speed
5. Potentiometric Fine Control for variable clock
Test Points : Provided at various stages to observe waveforms &
Indicators : 1. Mains ON / OFF

2. Logic level indicators for monitoring the logic
status of each winding of stepper motor
Power Requirements : 230V, + 10%, 50Hz, 1phase
Standard Accessories : 1. Detailed Instruction Manual
2. Set of required number of patch cords