Photovoltaic Solar Energy Demonstrator Model ELTR 024

Sci-tech Photovoltaic Solar Energy Demonstrator Model ELTR 024 demonstrator is designed to enhance student study the solar photovoltaic cell converting solar energy into electric energy. It comes with comprehensive data acquisition software enable easier to visualize the experiments. The trainer is made of aluminum anodize profile frame mounted with castor roller, two unit of photovoltaic cell is mounted on the frame, with angle adjustment mechanism incorporated.

Item Description

A high power Halogen lights are used to simulate the solar energy. The electric energy generated by the solar cell is converted to charge the battery. Then DC to AC converter would convert the DC source into 240V AC source which we can further use to power up load bank. The measuring instruments of the demonstrator consists of Lux sensor, Temperature sensor, Electric power
transducer and Angle sensor (for solar panel).

Technical Specifications

– 300W Photovoltaic solar cell panel two sets
– 1000W halogen lights
– 12V lead acid battery two sets
– DC to AC converter Microprocessor based. 24VDC input, 220~240Vac, 50Hz, 5A output.
Accuracy ±1%. C/w RS232 com port.
– Automatic voltage regulator for battery charging. Input: 2 to 30Vdc, output: 24Vdc 5A.
– National instrument data acquisition card, PCI module 16 channel analog input.
– NI data acquisition software package with pre-program of solar energy experiment software.
– Light illumination measuring LUX sensor, input 0 to 100 LUX, Output: 4 to 20mA. Accuracy : ±0.1%
– Temperature sensor: 0 to 200ºC, RTD probe, output: 4 to 20mA, 24Vdc source.
– Microprocessor based power meter, input: 240Vac 1phase, 50Hz. c/w RS485 communication ports.