PC Servicing Trainer Model PCST -02

As computer technology becomes increasingly complex, the level of practical knowledge necessary to maintain these systems must increase. That’s why we offer PC Systems Troubleshooting, an advanced training program which expands on the topics offered in our PC Systems Servicing course. Packed with theoretical information and hands-on experiments, the course enables students to master PC configuration and troubleshooting, using the latest hardware and operating systems .

Item Description

In the course, students learn to configure and upgrade systems with components such as memory, modems and sound cards. They also study advanced techniques for evaluating, isolating and identifying PC malfunctions down to the board, module and configuration level. Using our exclusive Fault Insertion and Removal Modules (FIRM), students assess their knowledge and diagnostic skills on a full range of complex malfunctions. Through hands-on exercises, students identify problem areas and explain how they reached their conclusion. This technique builds knowledge and promotes critical thinking.

Technical Specifications

1. Industry-best textbooks
2. workbooks and hands-on exercises
3. Fault Insertion and Removal Modules (FIRM)
4. Data recovery CD
5. Upgrade components (memory, modem, sound card)
6. Windows XP
7. Parts storage case
8. Comprehensive assessment tools