Thermodynamics: Steam Motor Energy Converter System MODEL GTH 011

Sci-tech Steam Motor Energy Converter System Trainer Model GTH 011 is a fully functional, laboratory scale steam plant. The system allows complete study and demonstration of thermodynamic principles, First law and second law of thermodynamic, energy balance equation, thermal efficiency, Thermal reservoir study and the Rankine cycle.

Item Description

– Electric heated mini boiler
– Steam engine power by steam
– Steam output measuring instrument
– Steam condenser
– Cooling tower
– Pump

Technical Specifications

Working fluid : Water, steam
Steam engine : 500w at 200 rpm, single acting steam engine, and the boiler
must have approval certificate to ensure
high safety of operation. The engine must have over speed
trip device. Proper Heat insulated.
Steam boiler : 8 kw, 415 Vic 50 Hz 3phase power electric heated boilers.
Delivery of 20kg steam per hour. Maxi pressure : 600 kPa.
The boiler must have certificate
to ensure high safety of operation.
Electric pump : approx 80 liter/minutes, 10 kg/cm2 head.
Steam pipe line : the steam pipe line should be able to withstand the
pressure and temperature, it should by heat insulated.
Condenser : Shell & tube type with safety certificate
Volumetric measuring cylinder
Process instrument : tachometer , temperature sensor ( 10 nos ),
pressure transmitter ( 6 nos ), flow meter ( 3 nos ) , all must link to DAQ card.
Throttling calorimeter
Engine Dyno-tester : Eddy brake type or fluid brake type

Power consumption monitoring instrument

Electrical power : Earth residual circuit breaker, over current circuit breaker, protection phase protection relay. All must comply with BS standard.
PC spec : IMB compatible, latest models.
Software capability : National instrument Labview. Windows based.
Work bench and : heavy duty aluminum alloy profile, castor swivel roller. trainer frame