Mobile Bed & Flow Visualization Bench Model FM 68

Sci-tech Mobile Bed & Flow Visualization Demonstrator Model FM 68 consists of a tank made in three sections; inlet tank, working section and the discharge tank.

Item Description

Each section has flange on either side to join with remaining sections. The inlet tank has slitting baffle to stabilize the flow of water. A rail has been fixed on top of the tank & extends throughout the length of the tank to carry measuring instruments. A hook gauge is provided to measure the depth of the water as if flows through the tank. Water is supplied to the tank from a sump tank by a centrifugal pump. A control valve is used to regulate the water flow rate. A flow meter is used to measure the water flow rate.
Detailed Operation & Maintenance Manual is provided along with the trainer.

Technical Specifications

 Working area: 2 metres x 610mm or 4 metres x 610mm Max water depth: 120mm
 Thickness of sand bed: 60mm
 Flow range: 0-3.5 litres/sec.
 Sump capacity: 300 litres
 Accuracy of flow metering: ±1.5% of full scale deflection
 Basic Accessories
– Model bridge piers; two rectangular, four cylindrical, two profiled and two with rounded ends.
– One asymmetrical aerofoil
– Two model gate guides.
– Eight aluminum baffles to direct the water flow for general test purposes. One set of twelve x 50mm x 50mm aluminum Tees and six 40mm equal angles all 125mm long, to enable the laboratory staff to build additional models
 Overall Dimensions
– Length (4M): 5.70m
– Width: 0.71m
– Height: – 2.0m –

Ordering Specifications
 A self-contained recirculating water tank for flow visualization and mobile bed studies.
 The tank is manufactured from glass reinforced plastic and all components in contact with water are of no corroding materials.
 The working section has minimum dimensions of (4m) x 610mm and the flow range is 0-3.5 litres/sec.
 Fifteen models and accessories are included as standard and a sheet of coloured glass allows rapid changeover from mobile bed to flow visualization mode.
 All controls are housed in a portable console which includes a flexible cable and water safe connectors.

Experiment Capabilities
 Flow around model engineering structures
 Boundary layer suction demonstration
 Experimental investigation of erosion and deposition
 Characteristics of meandering water courses
 Two dimensional flow visualization by the Ahlborn technique
 Velocity distribution in duct flow
 Hydraulic analogy to compressible flow
 Civil engineering model testing

Required Services
 Electricity supply: 220/240V/1PH/50Hz Stopwatch

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