Mini- PLC Trainer Model PCT 037

Scitech –Mini-PLC Trainer Model PCT 037 is a complete laboratory training system, introducing the student to the operation, programming and troubleshooting of modern programmable logic controllers.
A complete curriculum is provided incorporating many learning activities related to basic sequence, circuit flow, ladder logic programming and trouble shooting. Many activities reflect realistic industrial applications.
This product, together with its associated student manual and programming manual, creates a complete introductory course in PLCs, for industrial training applications as well as in the educational learning.

Item Description

– Can learn about different aspects of application trainers like Industrial PLC, SCADA, DCS etc. using simulated building blocks / replaceable static application panels (SAPs).
– Analog I/O channel (Optional) with potentiometer for AI simulation.
– Connection through sturdy 4mm Banana sockets & Patch cords.
– Students workbook &Instructor’s Guide provided with each unit.

Technical Specifications

Model – PCT 037
Make – Delta DVP-14SS
Memory – 3792 Step (EEPROM
DIO modules (Optional) – DIO14 : DI(8), DO(6) Transistorized or relay
Software – WPL Soft 2.12 supports ladder programming & monitoring troubleshooting & instruction set, Simulation Software.
Communication Port – RS232C for Ladder Programming, USB Cable
Operating voltage – 110/220Vac 20%50/60 Hz
Mechanical Specification – Electronic desk with ergonomically designed ABS Molded enclosure with slick looking replaceable experimental panel. Inclusive of CDP on Top board & SEP onside panels provide input switches, push buttons, O/P LED or SAPS
Dimensions & Net Wt
460 (H) x 160 (L) x 350 (D) mm.
@ 5Kgs
Converter cum Distribution Panel / CDP:
Located on Top board, Total 16 No. of 4 mm Banana Sockets, 8 for Digital for Digital Outputs, 24V Supply & GND. Facilitates easy wiring.
Simulation cum Extension Panel / SEP
a) For Digital Outputs: Located on right side panel 8 No. of Output LED Indicator, 8 No. of Relay Panel with coil rating 24V and contact rating of 220V AC / 1 Amp. (Resistive). b) For Digital Inputs: Located on left side panel. 8 No. of Digital Input. (4 toggle switches + 4 push buttons)
Power Supply Panel:
24V / 2 Amp. SMPS type Supply, 12 No. of 4mm Banana Sockets for
extension, Power ON indicator /On PLC Front Panel
Application Panel & SAPS (Select 1 or more)
a) For Digital Outputs:
– 8 No. of LED Indicator, 8 No. of Relay Panel with coil rating 24V. and contact rating of 220V AC/1 Amp (Resistive).
b) For Digital Inputs:
– 8 No. of Digital Input.(4 toggle switches + 4 push buttons)
c) For AIO: (Supplied only if AIO modules ordered)