Transducers Sensor Trainer Model PCT 048

Aesthetically designed injection moulded electronic desk. Master unit carrying useful experiment resources like Power supplies, DPMs, Computer Interface, Bar graph LED indicator Function Generator etc. while the central slot will carry replaceable experiment panel secured in an ABS molded plastic sturdy enclosure.

Item Description

– Has colorful screw less overlay showing circuit & its connection tag numbers for easy connectivity.
– Hands on learning by plotting sensors characteristics. Set of users guide provided with each Unit.
– Data aquistion control trainer (Labview based EXE program using MIT3/MIT6/ Stepper motor P25 panel). Labview not in scope of supply. Labview is trademark of NI.

Technical Specifications

– Master unit
– Built in power supply
DC supply +/- 12V, 500mA, Variable 7V to 14V @ 3Amp.
For torque measurement experiment.
– Built in function generator
O/p waveform- sine, triangle & square, TTL O/P freq.
1Hz to 200 KHz in ranges with amplitude & freq. control pots, o/p voltage 10Vpp.
– On board measurement :
DC voltmeter 2V/20V (1No). & LED BAR graph with 10 LED indicator to display 0-2.5V or 0-4V input.
– Computer interface (Optional)
Interfaces through 25 pin parallel port (LPT port). Lab View based (optionally) executable to support
Virtual instrumentation with driver supplied.
4 ADC channels : 0 to 2.5V full scale
1 DAC channel : O/P 2.5 V full scale
V to I Function block : Input : 0-2.5Vdc Output: 0 -20 or 4-20mA, upto max. 2Vdc gnd compliance
– Mechanical Dimensions :
a) Master Unit: 460mm (W), 160mm (H), 350mm (D)
Net weight: 6Kg. Gross weight: 8Kg.
b) Panel : 215mm (W), 165mm (H), 40mm (D)
Net weight: 700gm approx.
– Operating voltage : 230V +/- 10%,50Hz, 75VA