Industrial PLC Trainer Model PCT 018

Sci-tech Industrial Programmable Logic Control trainer Model PCT 018 is specially designed to help the
students understand the basic principles of logic control and to enable them to make their own programmes
on the system. All the inputs and outputs are optically isolated to protect the PLC from electrical spikes.
Boards and real-life plants are supplied with kit for better understanding of application of PLC

Item Description

 Robust and sturdy construction
 Easy and versatile operation
 Self contained system with complete instrumentation
 Incorporates standard industrial components

Technical Specifications

1. PLC : 18 DI, 12 DO, 2 AI, 2 AO

2. Ladder programming with RS232 RS485 protocol facility

3. SCADA Software

4. Converter cum Distribution panel

5. Simulation cum Extension panel

6. Application based boards, 19 nos.

7. Real working model of Mechatronics application, 3 nos

 Lift/Elevator control simulation module

 Rotary transfer unit

 Conveyor belt Unit

8. Air Compressor

9. Tool kit