Hydraulic Valves Test Stand Model FMCS-HVT

Sci-tech Hydraulic Valve Test Stand Model FMSC-HVT is used for pressure testing of various types of valves and fittings.


Item Description

Salient Features * Mobile test stand for pressure testing of valves and fittings  * Final testing for the Sci-tech Valve assemblies.

The unit can be used to test if the valve opens and closes easily under pressure, and if the housing and seals can withstand the test pressure. A manually operated piston pump draws water from the storage tank, fills the valve interior, and generates the test pressure. A manometer indicates the test pressure. The welded-in collector tray is fitted with a ball valve to allow it to be drained. The valve under test is attached to a mounting flange and sealed by a blank flange. The piston pump and mounting flange are interconnected via a pressure hose. The test stand includes its own storage tank so it can be operated independently of a water pipe supply. The tank must be topped up occasionally. The test stand is used in particular for the final testing of the valves assembled and disassembled in the Sci-tech Valve assembly projects series. This ensures that a successfully completed assembly project can be examined for operability with a formal test procedure.

Technical Specifications

SPECIFICATIONS [1] test stand on which to mount industrial valves and fittings [2] pressure testing of valves and fittings [3] hand-operated piston pump to generate the test pressure, a return valve to relieve the system pressure, and a manometer for pressure measurement
1 manometer, 2 mounting flanges with blank flange, 3 bench-top tray with drain, 4 pressure test pump with water tank, 5 hand lever, 6 hose [4] 2 different sizes of mounting flange with blank flange and flange seal [5] connection of pump and test flange via pressure hose [6] test medium: water [7] mobile frame with collector tray and ball valve to drain [8] water storage tank [9] the test stand forms part of the Sci-tech assembly, maintenance and repair practice line


Piston pump with tank

– test pressure: 0…60bar

– tank capacity: 12L

– manometer: 0…60bar

Mounting flanges for valves and fittings under test


the following experiments can be conducted together with valves and fittings, such as a wedge gate valve or angle seat valve, butterfly valve or non-return valve, ball valve or shut-off valve. – correct connection of valves to a flange coupling – familiarization with the terms “nominal pressure” and “test pressure” – performing the final test for the Sci-tech assembly projects – checking the free movement of the valves and fittings – pressure testing * leak testing of housing and flange seals * leak testing of the valve seat – drafting a test report