Temperature Control Trainer Model TH 070

Sci-tech Temperature Control Trainer Model TH 070 is designed for understanding the basic temperature control principles.

Item Description

The process setup consists of heating tank fitted with SSR controlled heater for on-line heating of the water. The flow of water can be manipulated and measured by rotameter. Temperature sensor (RTD) is used for temperature sensing. The process parameter (Temperature) is controlled by microprocessor based digital indicating controller which manipulates heat input to the process. These units along with necessary piping and fitting are mounted on support frame designed for tabletop mounting. Optionally controller can be connected to computer through USB port for monitoring the process in SCADA mode. Product is supplied with 32 tag demo version of SCADA software package.

Technical Specifications

Product – Temperature control trainer
Product code – 311A
Type of control – SCADA
Control unit – Digital indicating controller with RS485 communication
Communication – USB port using RS485-USB converter
Temperature sensor – Type RTD, PT100
Heating control – Proportional power controller (SSR), Input
4-20 mA, Capacity 20 A.

Heater – Type Electrical 2 coil, Capacity 3 KW
Rotameter – 6-60 LPH
Process tank – SS304, Capacity 0.5 lit, insulated
Overall dimensions – 550Wx475Dx520H mm
Optional – SCADA software package