EPABX Trainer Model ETR 055

Sci-tech EPABX Trainer Model ETR 055 is an ideal training equipment to teach the operation of EPABX. The complete Block of EPABX is printed on single PCB for easy understanding of function of different blocks. Test points allow the analysis and monitoring of the signals in different sections. By using the fault simulation method, it is possible to introduce the most common breakdown and their rectification.

Item Description

– All ICS are mounted on IC Sockets.
– Bare board Tested Glass Epoxy SMOBC PCB with Block Diagram.
– Attractive Metal Enclosure
– User Manual for Experiments

Technical Specifications

* No. of Trunk Lines : Two Nos.
* No. of Extension Lines : Four Nos.
* Power Requirement
– I/P Voltage should be 220 +- 20 Volts AC, 50Hz, Single Phase

– DC power supply O/P is 5 Volt /0.5 amp, 12 Volt /0.5 amp, 24 Volt /1 amp
* Environmental Conditions
– Surrounding temperature of 0-40° C (for optimum equipment life we recommend that
Temperature is maintained between 25-30 °Celsius.
– Surrounding Humidity of 10%- 90%
* Cable Requirement
– For Single line telephone Station cable, single pair, Station loops
– Resistance 600Ωsincluding telephone instrument.
* Communication Links : CMOS cross point switch
* Dialing Specifications
1) Pulse Dial
a) Speed : 10pps
b) Ratio : 800ms
2) DTMF:
a) Frequency range:
High Group : 1209Hz, 1336Hz, 1477Hz
Low Group : 697Hz, 770Hz, 852Hz, 941Hz
b) Memory dial:
Two types : Last number redial & speed dial
System speed dial : 100 numbers
* DTMF Frequency Range
– High Group : 1209Hz, 1336Hz, 1477Hz
– Low Group : 697Hz, 770Hz, 852Hz, 941Hz
* System Configuration : The cards are:

– CPU Card: CPU card is microcontroller based logic card for sending and receiving information form line interface to control the operation.
– Line Card: Line card is a trunk & Ext. line interface card
– PS Card: Power supply card for providing different DC voltages to the CPU and line card.
– Cables: 1. 40 pin Flat cable between CPU and line card.
2. 6 pin Relimate cable between CPU and power supply card.
* Telephone Instruments : Since the system features are best made use of with DTMF (Tone) instruments we recommend that you use only DTMF (Tone) or Tone/ Pulse switch able phones which are TEC/DOT approved.