DTH Trainer Model ETR 054

Sci-tech DTH Trainer Model ETR 054 is an ideal training equipment to teach the operation of DTH. The complete Block of DTH is printed on single PCB for easy understanding of function of different blocks. Test points allow the analysis and monitoring of the signals in different sections. By using the fault simulation method, it is possible to introduce the most common breakdown and their rectification.

Item Description

– All ICS are mounted on IC Sockets.
– Bare board Tested Glass Epoxy SMOBC PCB with Block Diagram.
– Attractive Metal Enclosure
– User Manual for Experiments

Technical Specifications

Type : Free to Air-FTA
RF Input : 950-2150MHz
Input Impedance : 75
RF Output : 470MHzto862MHz

Dish input : F-Connector
Composite video output : RCA type
Audio output : RCA type (L/R)
TV output : RCA type
Video output : PAL
IF Frequency : 70MHz
Video output level : 1Vpp (75load)
Uplink satellite : INSAT4B
Front Panel Display : 3 Digital 7-Segments Display
Panel Control : Channel UP/ Down, Volume UP/Down, Menu, OK
Remote Control Function : 0-9, Menu, Mute, On/Off, Signal, Push, Audio, View,
Volume+/-, OK, Selection Keys (Up / Down/Left/Right)
Fault simulator : Faults trough DIP Switches
Test Points : Measurements points mounted on the panel and
connected directly to the circuit of the equipment.
Audio Output : 10W (5W+5W)
Power Supply : 110/230V±10%, 50/60H