Elevator Lift Trainer Model ELTR 018

I Elevator

machine room: include traction machine, brake, speed limiter, traction sheave guard, guide pulley or secondary sheave, hand winding device wheel, control console, power switch, well lighting switch 1. Well part: lift car, lift car guide rails, counter-weight guide rail, counter-weight shelf, buffer, limit switch, controlling cable, speed limiter, wire rope tension loading. 2. lift car part: lift car, safety tongs, guide shoe, gate power operator, levelling device, elevator operation panel, lift car inside command button, indicator, lift car lighting system, lift car maintenance box, lift car door. 3. Elevator landing door component: landing door, call button box, floor displayer, door mechanical locker, elevator electric interlock.

Item Description

II. Elevator basic function

1, Input voltage: AC 380, 50Hz 2, Control mode: programmable controller (PLC) regulating speed FM set selected control. 3, Programmable controller (PLC) :Mitsubishi(you can select Siemens, or Omron) Input voltage: AC 220V, 50Hz 4, Frequency conversion governor: input voltage: AC 220, 60Hz

Technical Specifications

Current rating: 2.5 A

Power 1.2 KW 5,

Traction machine:

6, Drive motor Voltage: AC 220V, 50Hz

Power: 180W

Speed: 2800 r/min

Electrical control part basic function

automatic leveling, elevator automatic open close the door, manual open door in advance, overweight stop running, up and down limit position, open and close door abnormal, layer door chain safeguard, system halted operation directly drive), auto/manual, maintenance control, lighting, fan simulator. Training project: more than 30 simulation fault for elevator.