Electrical Wiring Trainer Kit MODEL ELTR 033

Sci-tech Electrical Wiring Trainer Kit Model ELTR 033 is designed to provide student with a good foundation in electrical technology and to prepare them for career as a wireman/installation/service technician.
The system consists of a number of modules which are suitable for the study of electrical measurement, electrical installation and for the troubleshooting of electrical installations. Each module contains real electrical components such as lamps, push buttons, timers, circuit breakers and relays. These modules can be arranged on the panel frame stand in a variety of configuration to make many different and interesting installations.

Item Description

The trainer kit comes with house/industry wires in „Red – Black – Blue – Yellow – Green colour wires bundles‟ and wiring trunkings & soft board if size 3‟x5‟ where students can carry out real time wiring as practocals.
The trainer comes complete with laboratory manual which contains many experiments on electrical installation technology. Mobile Training Frame is available to mount the panels.

Technical Specifications

Residential Switches:
Mounted on Plexiglas s panels with 4mm terminals
1. Switch, surface mount, 2 way, 2 terminal, 10A , 1gang (2 modules)
2. Switch, surface mount, 2 way, 3 terminals, 10A, 1 gang (2 modules)
3. Switch, surface mount, 2 way, 5 terminals, 10A, 1 gang (2 modules)
4. Switch, surface mount, 2 way, Intermediate, 10A, 1 gang (2 modules)
5. Switch, surface mount, 1 way, 2 terminals, 10A, 2 gang (2 modules)
6. Switch, surface mount, 2 way, 3 terminals, 10A, 2 gang (2 modules)
7. Switch, surface mount marked “Bell” (2 modules)
8. Switch, surface mount, illuminated (2 modules)
9. Switch, surface mount, dimmer (2 modules)
10. Switch, ceiling pull type, 1way, 3 terminal, 10A (2 modules)
11. Bell/Door opener push button: (1 module)
12. 2 SPST switches 250 VAC, 110A

Sockets Sets:
The sockets are mounted onto plexiglass panel with 4mm terminals, each socket includes a matching plug.
a. 1 Phase socket with switch , 10A, 3 prong, 1gang (3 modules)
b. 1 Phase socket with switch , 10A, 3 prong, 2gang (2 modules)
c. 1 phase socket ,Shuko Type, 16A, 1 gang (5 modules)
d. 1 phase industrial Socket , with cover, 16A, 2Pole & Earth (2 modules)
e. 3 phase industrial socket , with cover, 16A ,2Pole with Neutral & Earth (2 modules)

Industrial switches:
a. Toggle switches , 2PST (2 modules)
b. Push Button,1 NO 1NC (2 modules)
c. Cam Switches, ON /OFF (2 modules)

Circuit Breakers:
a. MCB,1 phase, 6A (2 modules)
b. MCB,1 phase, 16A (2 modules)
c. MCB,3 phase, 16A (1 module)
d. ELCB,3 phase (1 module)

Lights and Fixtures:
It includes match lamp holders complete with lamps mounted on to plexiglass panels with 4mm terminals,
a. Incandescent lamp holder with bulb ,E27,220V (2modules)
b. Incandescent lamp holder with bulb ,E14,220V (2modules)
c. Fluorescent lamp holder with starter and ballast,10W (2modules)
d. Mercury lamp holder with lamp (2 modules)
e. Pilot signaling lights(Set of three (red, yellow, green), 24VAC, (1modules)

a. Mains input panel for Single and Three phase (1 module)
b. Set of stackable 4mm connection test leads (set)
c. Digital Multi Function Meter to read AC Voltages & Currents.
d. 24 VAC, 3 contacts, 48VAC, 2A

Training Panel Frames:
a. Three Level Mobile Frames with 4 rails (1 module)
b. Approx Height : 1850mm , Width : 1100mm

Additional Items:
a. Five Red; Black; Blue; Yellow & Green coloured wire Bundles
b. 3 nos. of soft panel boards of dimensions 3‟x5‟ for carrying out practical fixing of panel wiring, trunking & switchboard fixing.