With the performance and features of any high end torque testing system. This system is modular meaning that you can expand your torque range needs as your needs change. No need to buy a new electronic tester for every torque range. The meter will automatically detect the range of the transducer attached and set all calibration data automatically (smart transducers). This is the last torque tester you will ever need since it has all the necessary
Features and modes and will adapt to any torque transducer -we guarantee it this tester will test all your torque wrenches (even electric torque screwdrivers) and give you the confidence that your tools are within specification. Anywhere there is a torque wrench for production there should also be one of these torque testers

Item Description

– Compact, comprehensive, sturdy design.
– A modern torque meter based on computer technology.
– Comprises an opto electronic transducer and an electronic control and display unit.
– Transducer consists of a torsion Shaft.
– The speed is also measured with a High accuracy
– Works down to a relatively low speed.
– A variety of interface for control and data communication are provided
– Standard input / output functions are present.
– Test your torque wrenches in-house
– Adapts to any JETCO torque transducer
– Adapts to third party torque transducers
– Auto reset for no hands operation, timed reset and manual reset also included
– Automatic clockwise and counterclockwise operation.
– Perfect for calibration labs and all testing and calibration of torque products

Technical Specifications

– Nominal torque : 0-12 Nm
– Max. calibrated reading, torque : 15.0 Nm
– Max. mechanical load, torque : 25 Nm
– Shaft power (max) : 1999 W
– Speed rating : 120 – 3998 rpm
– Brake control : Manually via potentiometer on the front panel 0-195 V DC, 2 A.
– Remote by galvanic ally isolated input, 0-10 V For computer control.
– Output for plotter / computer :
Speed : 5 V at 2.000 rpm
Torque : 5 V at 10 Nm
Shaft Power : 5 V at 2 k W

– Electric Supply three phase/single phase with proper earthing.