Electrical Installation Trainer Model ELTR 007/1Ph ELTR 007/3Ph

Sci-tech Electrical Installation Trainer Model ELTR 007 has been designed for learning installation of the electrical equipment and electrical control in single phase as well as three phase circuits. Optionally, transformer winding/re-winding and motor winding re-winding accessories can be provided. The individual units of an experimental set-up are connected via safety sockets which are arranged in large, synoptically graphical symbols or current flow diagrams. The trainer includes wide range of domestic lighting equipment, different types of switches & Protecting Devices used in domestic electric installations. Different measuring Instruments are provided to familiarize with measurement techniques. The trainer can also be used to fault simulation & troubleshooting of electrical installations.

Item Description

– Includes commonly used electrical devices in household/industrial Electrical Installations.
– Safety socket on synoptic with graphical symbols of electrical devices.
– Troubleshooting of Electrical Installation.
– Optionally Transformer Winding/Re-winding & Motor Winding/Re-winding practical experiments offered

Technical Specifications

For Single Phase Model ELTR 007/1Ph
– Input Starter panel
– 2 pole MCB of 240 V/1A.
– DOL 3A Contactor with 230V / 50 Hz / 11VA COIL.
– Bimetallic thermal O/L relay with range 1.4A – 2.3A.
– Lamp Load Panel X 1 set
– Each panel consists of 230V /15/40/60/100W X 1 bulbs with individual

ON/OFF using 6A toggle switch
– Contactor panel X 1 set
– 3A Contactor with 230V / 50 Hz / 11VA COIL with NO type power contact 2 NO & 2 NC add on Logic contact.
– Over Load Relay Panel
– Bimetallic thermal O/L relay with range 240V/1.4A – 2.3A with power contacts.
– Supports trip Contact & Alarm contact.
– Push Button Panel
– Consists of Industrial grade Illuminated push button with one NO & one NC contact.
– Supports One Mushroom Switch, 2 nos of smaller type instruments grade push buttons with one NO & one NC contact for each.
– 2 Pole 7 way CAM Switch Panel
– Consists of 2 pole 7 way CAM switch connection brought out on Banana.
– Alarm Annunciator Panel
– Consists of two nos. potential free fault contacts.
– Supports two nos. of fault windows with flashing indication & Alarm annunciation.
– Dual Timer Panel
– Consists of two nos of Individual Timers 24V DC or 230VAC operated supply coil.
– Each Timer Supports 2 NO & 1 NC contacts.

– Relay Panel
– Consists of 4 nos of change over type relays with NO, NC & Common contacts for each with supply coil of 24VDC. Supports lamp LED lamp Indication for 8 outputs.
– Transformer Assembly Kit (Optional)
– Includes E & I laminations to make suitable stacks;
– Copper wires of 5 different gauges for winding;
– 5 types of Bobbins.
– Suitable to wind and re-wind
– i) Step up transformers;
– ii) Step down transformers up to 50VA max.
– Components
– Resistors : 1 K, 10 K, 100 K
– Capacitors : 10 uf, 100 uf and 1000 uf
– Inductors : 5 mH, 10 mH, 20 mH
– Measurement Panel:
– Voltmeters & Ammeters Panel to measure voltages of test results