Electrical Switchboard Trainer Model ELTR 008

Electrical Switchboard Trainer Model ELTR 008

Sci-tech Electrical Switchboard Trainer Model ELTR 008 is designed to familiarize with Electrical Switchgears used in industry. This is a standard industrial switchboard & specially adapted to function as a training unit. It enables switchgears, instrument and protective gears used in normal switchboard to be demonstrated and their functions explained. It is an excellent practice units for students to study its circuitry, dismantle and reassemble components and parts rewire. Compartment doors/covers are hinged.

Item Description

– Includes commonly used Industrial Switch Gear.
– Includes Electrical Measuring Instruments.
– Includes Safety Devices used in Switch Gear Panels.

Technical Specifications

Following electrical products are mounted/mountable and cab be wired for experiments:
Air Circuit Breaker: 100ATP&N with overload and shunt trip coils
Ammeter: 100A/5A
Voltmeter: 500V with selector switch
Frequency Meter: 0 – 60 Hz
Power Factor Meter:
Maximum Demand Indicator
Emergency Stop Buttons
KWH Meter 3 phase:
Circuit Breaker: 6 A
Protector fuses
Copper Bus Bars
Indicating Lights
Current transformers
Panel: Powder Coated Steel Panel with Hinged doors
Conduit Pipes
WCT Cables
TV Cables
VSF Cables