Discrete Component Trainer Model ETR 017


Item Description

Sci-tech Discrete Component Trainer Model ETR 017 covers experiments in basic electronics as follows :
– Study and verify the characteristics of various devices such as Diodes, ( Si / Ge / Fast switching ), Transistors ( CB, CE, CC for different NPN & PNP transistor ), FET, UJT, MOSFET, SCR, Diac, Traic, LDR, Zener Diodes, LED’s.

– Study working of resistors, capacitors, inductors, potentiometers, output transformer, speaker, relay.
– Study and verify the basic theorems & laws such as resistors / capacitors / inductors in series / parallel and combinations thereof, Ohm’s laws, Kirchoff’s voltage law, Kirchoff’s current law.
– Study and verify the RC, RL & RLC series & parallel resonance circuits, filters ( LP, HP, BP, BR ).
– Study & verify the clipping, clamping, biased clippers, half wave, full wave & bridge rectifier circuits.
– Study and verify the voltage regulators circuits using zener diodes & transistors.
– Study and verify the digital gates using diodes and transistors.
– Study and verify the performance of amplifiers such as CB, CE, CC transistor amplifiers, power amplifiers, audio amplifiers, differential amplifiers and feedback amplifiers ( current series / shunt ).
– Study & verify the oscillators such as phase shift, astable, monostable, bistable and schmitt trigger.
– Study & verify the performance of applications of special devices such as FET as an amplifier, FET as source follower / switch, MOSFET as an amplifier, UJT as relaxation oscillator, light operated relay.
– Many other experiments can be designed / performed using the onboard components and special veroboard provided. ( for use of external components without soldering ).

Technical Specifications

IC based DC Reg. Power Supplies:

a. + 12 V / 500 mA ( fixed and with facility to vary from 0 to +12 V ).

b. – 12 V / 500 mA ( fixed and with facility to vary from 0 to -12 V ).

c. + 5V / 500mA ( fixed ).

AC Supplies

9 – 0 – 9 V AC / 500 mA.


Unique veroboard type socket with termination for use of external components / IC’s upto 20 pin without soldering.


Three Potentiometers ( 1K, 10K and 100K ) with terminations.

Speaker – One 8 ohms miniature speaker with terminations.
Relay – One 12V / 1 C.O. relay with terminations.
Power ON – Power ON switch with indicator for mains on indication and fuse for protection.
Patch Cords ( Stackable ) – Set of 20 assorted coloured multi-stand wires with 2mm stackable plug termination at both ends
Power Requirement – 220V + 10% VAC, 50 Hertz, single phase.
Instruction Manual – One detailed instruction manual with well thought out experiments covering the above topics.