Deformation of Curved-Axis Beams Model MT 022

Sci-tech Deformation of Curved-Axis Beams Model MT 022 includes three different beams, borne on statically determinate supports: a circular beam, a semi-circular beam and a quadrant beam.
The beam under test is loaded with a set of weights. Dial gauges record its horizontal and vertical deformations.
All three beams have the same cross-section and so the same 2nd moment of area. This enables test results to
be directly compared.

Item Description

* Elastic deformation of curved-axis beams1
* Circular, semi-circular and quadrant beams

[1] elastic deformation of curved-axis beams under load
[2] 3 different beams with the same cross-section: circular beam, semi-circular beam, quadrant beam
[3] bearing block to fix the quadrant beam
[4] pillar with bearing to support the circular or semi-circular beam
[5] 1 set of weights to place the beam under load

[6] 3 dial gauges to record the horizontal and vertical deformation
[7] storage system to house the components

Technical Specifications

Curved-axis beam
– radius: approx. 150mm
– cross-section WxH: 20x5mm
– material: steel, galvanised
Dial gauges
– measuring range: 0…20mm, graduations: 0,01mm
– 1x 1N (hanger)
– 2x 2N
– 1x 5N
– 1x 10N
– 4x 20N

Scope of Delivery
1 base plate with pillar
3 beams
3 dial gauges
1 set of weights
2 hexagon socket wrenches
1 storage system with foam inlay
1 set of instructional material