Axial Flow FanDemonstration Unit Model FM 83

The Sci-tech Axial Flow Fan Demonstration Model FM 83 is a self contained bench top unit designed to demonstrate the working of axial flow fan and to conduct experiments to study the performance of a typical axial flow fan.

Size: 50cm x 40cm x 60cm (LxWxH)
Weight: 20 kg

Item Description

Sci-tech Axial Fan Test Apparatus Model FM 083 features an axial fan with variable speed via an integrated controller, an intake pipe and a delivery pipe. The transparent intake and delivery pipes  are fitted with guide plates for flow guidance.  A flow straightener in the intake pipe serves to calm the air.

This enables precise measurements even with heavily reduced operation. The air flow is adjusted by a throttle valve at the end of the delivery pipe.  The experimental unit is fitted with sensors for pressure and temperature. The flow rate is determined via differential pressure measurement on the intake nozzle. ‘Sci-Cal’ microprocessor-based measuring technique is well protected in the housing. All the advantages of software-supported experiments and evaluation are offered by the software and the microprocessor. The connection to a PC is made by USB. The well-structured instructional material sets out the fundamentals and provides a step-by-step guide through the experiments.

Technical Specifications


[1] Functioning and operating behavior of an axial fan

[2] Axial fan with electronically commutated drive motor

[3] Variable speed via integrated controller

[4] Transparent intake and delivery pipes

[5] Throttle valve to adjust the air flow in the delivery pipe

[6] Determination of flow rate via intake nozzle

[7] Display of differential pressure, flow rate, speed, electrical power consumption and hydraulic power output, temperature and efficiency

[8] ‘Sci-Cal’ microprocessor-based measuring technique

[9] unit-specific software for data acquisition and operation via USB under Windows Vista or Windows 7


Technical Specifications

Intake pipe

– inner diameter: 115mm

– length: 275mm

Delivery pipe

– inner diameter: 110mm

– length: 310mm

Axial fan

– power consumption: 90W

– nominal speed: 7000 to 9500 rpm

– max. flow rate: approx. 400 to 600m³/h

– max. differential pressure: approx. 700Pa

Displayed / measuring ranges

– differential pressure U tube manometer

– flow rate: 0…1000m³/h

– temperature: 0…100°C

– speed: 0…7000min

– electrical power consumption: 0…500W

For optional computer interfaced unit:


Speed sensor, range: 0 – 7000 r.p.m.

Differential pressure sensor, range: -2 – +2 inch H2O (0 – 50.7 mm H2O).

Pressure sensor.

To know the inlet air conditions:

“J” type temperature sensor.

Pressure sensor, range: 0 – 1.1 atm.

Humidity sensor, range: 0 – 100%.



Computer Control Software

  • PID Computer Control + Data Acquisition + Data Management.


List of experiments:
1. Study of the working principle of an axial flow fan.
2. Measurement of static and total pressure rise across the fan, flow velocity and volume flow rate through the fan, fan inlet temperature, rotational speed of the impeller and power input to the fan motor.
3. Determination of overall efficiency of the fan and estimation of the impeller efficiency at constant rotational speed and various flow rates.
4. Determination of performance at different rotational speeds.
5. Presentation of performance test results in dimensionless form and introduction to similarity laws.
6. Conduct performance tests in manual mode and compare with the results obtained using computer based data acquisition and processing.

Model Number

FM 83