Temperature Regulation & Control Trainer Model PCU 056

Sci-tech Temperature Regulation & Control Trainer Model PCU 056 consists of four clearly differentiated parts :
● Hydraulic circuit consisting of a lower tank and an upper tank, one centrifugal pump, one flow-meter, three open / closed solenoid valves, one motorized control valve and drainage valves.
● Stirrer, electric heating resistance and temperature sensor (Thermo coupler)
● Digital PID controller with universal input. (Honeywell or equivalent make)

Item Description

For tests of temperature control the liquid is pumped from the lower tank by means of a pump, the fluid successively going through the flow-meter, the solenoid valve, the motorized control valve and the upper tank. The upper tank has a variable level spillway, two descending lines with solenoid valves of different discharge factors and a third normal drainage valve.
The control console has a power supply (for the performance of the equipment in manual mode without computer), a PID controller and a box only accessible for the teacher, where failures and breakdowns can be simulated. The system enables to control the temperature of a continuously stirrer tank having an electric resistance.
The tank is fed with water for which the flow rate and the temperature are known, and is heated with an electric resistance the power of which can be adjusted by means of a rheostat. The liquid temperature in the tank is measured by means of a sensor.

Technical Specifications

● Lower tank (20 dm3), with spillway and drainage.
● Upper tank (10 dm3), with spillway.
● One circulation centrifugal pump.
● One variable area flowmeter 0.4 l / min (water).
● Three solenoid valves, one of them NO and two of them NC, with different Cv.
● Motorized control valve (piston type) with rotation indicator, position control 0/1440° (4 turns), rotations speed 1 s/turn.
● Metallic casing, panel, piping and connections in stainless steel.
● Thermo resistance type temperature sensor Pt100, range 0~1000C, 4~20 mA outlet.
● Control and data acquisition software.
● Failures and breakdowns can be simulated.
● Interface.
Required Services: ● Power supply : 220 ~ 110V / 50 ~ 60 Hz. ● Domestic water supply for filling the tanks.
● Drainage.
Dimensions And Weights :
● Equipment dimensions approx. : 500 x 600 x 1000 mm.
● Shipping volume, approx. : 0.4 m3