Stability: Bar Buckling under Load Model MT 036

* Representation of simple stability problems on a buckling bar1
* Determination of the buckling load under different conditions1
* Infinitely variable load application on the buckling bar

Item Description

Buckling is a stability problem which occurs in practice when slim components are subjected to compressive loading. Following a “disturbance” to its equilibrium, such as caused by compressive loading, a stable system returns to equilibrium when the loading is removed. If the compressive load increases excessively, instability of the system results. The component buckles and fails. The critical compressive load at which the system becomes unstable is termed the buckling force. A simple model for representing stability problems is a two-part bar with an elastic joint which remains stable up to a certain load level. If the buckling force is exceeded, the bar suddenly buckles and so becomes unstable.
Sci-tech Stability: Bar Buckling under Load Model Mt 036 is used to investigate simple stability problems on a buckling bar under different conditions.

Technical Specifications

[1] investigation of the buckling load under different conditions (elastic joint, elastic fixed end)
[2] two-part buckling bar with central joint
[3] loading infinitely variable with lever and set of weights
[4] determination of loading via scale on load application lever
[5] various degrees of clamping via leaf spring with variable length on bottom support
[6] thrust pad guided friction-free inside spherical shell
[7] low-friction joints with roller bearings
[8] device to generate shear forces
[9] storage system to house the components

Technical Specifications
Two-part buckling bar with central joint
– WxH: 20x20mm
– length: 2x250mm
– support: pinned-pinned (articulated-articulated)
Elastic joint
– 2 tension springs, rigidity: 2N/mm
– lever arm: 50mm
Elastic clamp fixing with steel leaf spring
– length: 500mm

– cross-section: 10x2mm
– 2nd moment of area: 6,66mm4
– modulus of elasticity: 205000N/mm2
Compressive force range: 25…120N
Shear force: 0…20N
Load application lever, lever ratio: 1:2 – 1:5
Set of weights
– 8x 1N
– 6x 5N
– 2x 1N (hangers)