Screening Machine Model TH 125

Professional analyzer for TH 124

Item Description

Sci-tech Screening Machine Model RTH 125 enables users to separate a mixture of solids into several classes of particle sizes. In the screening process, each particle is compared with a screen mesh in terms of size and shape. Depending on their position, particles with an irregular shape may not be able to pass through the mesh. As the screening machine is vibrating, each particle has the possibility to pass through the meshes several times. First the coarser particles are separated in the upper area. The mesh width decreases towards the bottom. To be able to adapt the machine to the respective requirements, several screens with various mesh widths are included in the scope of delivery. Scales enable the user to determine the masses of the separated classes in order to
determine the particle size distribution.

Technical Specifications

1. Screening machine for particle size analysis as accessory for TH 124
2. Screening duration and vibration height adjustable
3. 11 screens with different mesh widths
4. Scales for determining the mass fraction of the separated classes

Technical Specifications

Ø of the screens: 200mm each
Height of the screens: 50mm each

Screening machine
– screening duration: 0…60min
-vibration height: 0…3mm
– mesh width of the screens
– 45μm
– 63μm
– 125μm
– 250μm
– 500μm
– 710μm
– 1000μm
– 1250μm
– 1600μm
– 2000μm
– 4000μm
– max. weight: 2200g
– resolution: 10mg