Pressure Regulation & Control Unit Model PCT 024

Sci-tech Pressure Regulation & Control Unit Model PCT 024 consists of four clearly differentiated parts:
● Pneumatic circuit consisting of a tank, valves, pressure transducers, pressure regulators and pressure gauges.
● For the pressure and flow control, a pneumatically operated control valve, a V/P converter, and direct and differential pressure transducers are used.
● Digital PID controller with universal input. Honeywell made.

Item Description

The compressed air inlet bifurcates in two pressure regulators:
VR-2, for controlling the pneumatically operated control valve, and VR-1 for supplying the necessary flow and / or pressure to the circuit that is to be adjusted.
At the end of the circuit, the air can be directly discharged to the atmosphere or via an air tank to vary the “proceed lag”.

Practical Possibilities
● Calibration of the absolute pressure sensor and study of its linearity and hysteresis.
● Calibration of the V / P converter.
● Determination and identification of the valve type.
● Determination of the system response when the volume of the circuit is changed.
● Control of the pressure in a circuit, by using a piezoelectric pressure sensor, a PID controller, a pneumatically operated control valve and a V/P converter.
● Characteristics of a 3 terms controller.
● Optimization of the variables of a PID controller.
● Calibration of the differential pressure sensor.
● Flow rate control in a circuit with a PID controller.

Technical Specifications

# Pressure transducer, range : 0~5 bar, outlet 4~20 mA, accuracy 0.3%
# Differential pressure transducer, range 2.5~25 mbar, outlet 0~10V.
# Pneumatically operated control valve, range 3~15 psi, accuracy 0.1%.
# Pressure regulators and pressure gauges, inlet 300 Kg/cm2, outlet 0~1 and 0~3 Kg/cm2.
# Air tank of 10 litres.
# Digital PID controller with universal input. Honeywell made.
Required Services
● Power supply : 220 ~ 110V / 50 ~ 60 Hz.
● Air supply : 4 m3/h flow rate, 2 bar max.

Dimensions And Weight
● Equipment dimensions approx. : 500 x 600 x 1000 mm.
● Shipping volume, approx. : 0.4 m3.
● Net weight : 15 kg
● Gross weight : 25kg.