Piping / Pipefitters System Trainer Model PT 001

Sci-tech Piping/Pipefitters System Trainer Model PT 001 provides the student with hands on trainer for piping. The student will learn the necessary methods of connecting and running metal/iron piping, plastic piping, copper tubing, and hydraulic hose. Each material has its own particular methods used in plumbing.

Item Description

Sci-tech Piping/Pipefitters System Trainer Model PT 001 consists of a frame that students use to mount and run pipes, valves, and other components. Once the piping is complete, the system will be tested by allowing water to be pumped through it. The student will learn how to make the necessary connections, depending on the type of material that the pipe is made from

Technical Specifications

Mobile Frame
45mm square mechanical steel tubing finished in instrument tan texture enamel. Provided with four (4)
swivel casters, two (2) with brakes.
• Centrifugal Pump rated 50L/min
• Motor 500W; 3000 rpm, 220V/50Hz/1ph
– Metal Pipes, Galvanized (2)
– Plastic Pipes (3)
– Piping Connectors for metal pipes

– Piping Connectors for plastic pipes
– PVC Tubing, reinforced, clear
(drain line)
– ball valve nr.2,
– needle valve nr.2,
– check valve nr.2,
– gate valve nr.2,
– globe valve nr.2
– PVC Pipe accessories
– Iron Pipe accessories
– Hose accessories
Tool Box
• Fittings (elbows, adapters)
• Connectors (tees, flanges)
• Clamps
• Teflon tape
• Gauges
• PVC Primer
• PVC Cement
• Unions – PVC (4), brass (2), galvanized (1)
• Gaskets (4)
• Miscellaneous parts
• Piping Systems Manual
– flowmeter
– pressure gauge 0-30 psi


Main ground fault interrupter circuit breaker

Service Required
Mains Supply 220VAC-1Ø-50Hz