Multi-Purpose Processing Vessel Model TH 180

Multi-Purpose Processing Vessel Model TH 180

A vital stage in the preparation of a food product is the accurate addition and correct mixing of the

various ingredients, which make up the recipe. It is usual that heat will be required, subsequent cooling and chilling are often needed for preservation.

Sci-tech Multi-Purpose Processing Vessel Model TH 180 is able to carry out these actions with very small quantities of ingredients. The facilities to mix, emulsify, heat, pasteurize, incubate, cool, chill and cure are all built in to this multi purpose-designed vessel. Preparation of food products for further processing, the facilities enable production of finished products in batch sizes from as low as 5 liters to up to 20 liters.

Sci-tech Multi-Purpose Processing Vessel Model TH 180 consists of a jacketed vat, mounted within a mobile cabinet containing all the servicing utilities and necessary instrumentation.

The unit is fully self-contained with electrical heating, cooling water and chilled water circulating systems and an efficient emulsifier/mixer, which is easily raised or lowered into the vat.

A comprehensive control console, also housed in the cabinet, incorporates a chart recorder, which

continuously records the temperature of the vat contents.

Also included on the console is a digital readout for salient temperatures and heating controls.

The vat is constructed from high quality food grade stainless steel, the interior having a mirror finish.

Item Description


  • For Batch size from as low as 5 litres going to 20 litres
  • Comprehensive Control & instrumentation at front
  • Fully self contained system on lockable wheels
  • On board utilities
  • Dual purpose: Heating as well as Cooling jacket
  • Food Grade Stainless steel vessel
  • Heating from ambient to 85°C
  • Cooling as low as 1°C
  • Fitted with high grade Mixer/Stirrer
  • Optional Data logging facility
  • Programmable batch processing
  • Used for a variety of powder emulsions
  • Used to make oil/water emulsions
  • Suitable to concoct as little as 5 litres of solutions


Processing vessel capacity: 20 litres max

Max. vessel contents temp: 85°C

Heating element: 2.0kW

Emulsifier unit: 0.25kW/50 to 6000rpm

Emulsifier heads supplied: Emulsifying

: Disintegrating

: High shear

: Axial flow

Chilled water circulator: 0.2kW compressor motor

Flowmeter range: 0.3 – 3.0 l/m

Thermocouple sensors: Type K

Chart recorder: 25, 300 or 600mm/hr speed direct dotting on pressure sensitive paper

scale 0 – 100°C

Technical Specifications


  • Preparation and curing of ice cream mix
  • Preparation of margarine and soft spread emulsions
  • Production of yogurt and fermented milk products
  • Batch pasteurization
  • General heating, cooling and chilling utility



  • Mains Power 220 – 240V 50Hz, Single Phase
  • Running Purified Water Supply